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Thursday, 20 November 2014

SPICA ART - 100th Post!!! Dedicated to Our Queen of Art & Creativity - Park Narae!

To celebrate the 100th post on spicacomicbook.blogspot.com here is some artwork created by our queen of art & creativity, Park Narae! Hope this inspires you to get your creative juices flowing (for Spica Fan Art of course!)

Source: Twitter @shsl7 13 Sep 2013

Source: Twitter @shsl7 17 Sep 2013

Source: Twitter @shsl7 17 Sep 2013

Source: Twitter @shsl7 17 Sep 2013

Source: Twitter @shsl7 5 Mar 2013

Source: Instagram @park.narae.77 22 Sep 2014

Blueprint for Transformer Car. Source: Instagram @park.narae.77 27 May 2014

Transformer Car. Source: Youtube: Spica Funny Moments compiled by Mina OK

Source: Youtube: Spica Funny Moments compiled by Mina OK

[Special Note: Most of the art was labelled in Korean. As I don't understand Korean, if I have made an error in crediting any work to Park Narae, please let me know!]

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