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Friday, 19 December 2014

Merry SPICA Christmas & A Happy New Year!

To all the fantastic artists who created Spica‬ fan art‬, to those who supported, followed, liked & shared the works, my account and of course Spica, thank you so much! I wish 2015 will be a happier, more prosperous and successful year for you all!

Please continue to support Spica and please keep creating awesome fan art. It gives me so much joy and excitement when I come across pieces! 

I created this account, the fan art blog and the motion comic in the hope that it will raise awareness of Spica and help them achieve the recognition they deserve! It’s only a small contribution and it may have little or no impact, but I believe in Spica and our fandom. We shall let our talent do the talking!

Don’t forget to vote for Spica for Best Female Band and Best Cover at the International K-Music Awards! Voting closes 5th Jan and you can vote once every 24hrs! www.japakomusic.com/i-k-m-a

Merry Christmas‬ & a Happy New Year‬ everybody!
Mercury‬ fighting!

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